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 “TransMen of the World” – Manuel Ricardo Garcia Photography book about 30 female-to-male transsexuals (FTM’s) 235mm x 294mm, number of pages: 135, hardcover ISBN 978-3-00-035887-6 The photography book “TransMen of the World” is an international project about self-confident female-to-male transsexuals (FTM’s), before, during or after their transition. I travelled the world for two years and took pictures of 30 transmen on the street in their home cities. You will find all kinds of FTM’s in this book - a diversity of ages, nationalities, skin colours, cultures and states of transition. I portray each of them as special and beautiful in their own distinct ways, with their individual manly pride and strength, but also their vulnerabilities. The book contains colour photographs and personal information about the transmen. Some of them live in countries where there is a trans*movement, others live in countries where they have to fight a terribly exhausting battle every day of their lives to survive in their society.


winner “pride foto award” 

„These quiet, dignified portraits fulfill all criteria of Pride Photo Award. The photography is simple yet compelling, revealing a strong connection between the subjects and the photographer who produced a wonderfully coherent set of pictures in many different places and at different times. This consistency demonstrates the strength of the photographers vision and more importantly it articulates the message that is so much part of the Pride Photo Award agenda, graphically showing us that gender is not a simple binary concept of male/female.“   The board of Pride Photo Award 2011 congratulates Manuel Ricardo Garcia on winning a prize for the contest with the photo series „TransMen of the world“. Pride Photo Award 2011 - Amsterdam

 "pride foto award"

Film: "Crossing the River"

film by Manuel Ricardo Garcia 18 minutes

Columbus did not discover America in 1492, but it was the beginning of colonialism that also brought the colonial thinking of the two-gender system & othering. Crossing the river is not only about people from Mexico, Central- and South America trying to cross the border to the United States looking for a better life, but also about Transpeople crossing the gender border.